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October 20, 2020 

RE: COVID and Remote Learning

Dear Kingdom East School District Community,

Thank you for your questions and communication concerning COVID- 19.  The Kingdom East School district operates 7 schools and with a significant event in one school, related to the pandemic, it is essential to communicate with the whole community

There was a reported positive COVID case in our Lyndon Town School 6th grade learning community.  For precautionary measures, we sent home those students, faculty and staff and the group began to teach and learn remotely. Meanwhile, the Department of Health completed contact tracing.    

The Department of Health has instructed us that a small number of students, faculty and staff from this group are required to quarantine for two weeks from the time of the last contact. The Vermont Department of Health has spoken to these individuals. Other members of the 6th grade community are not considered close contacts and do not need to quarantine.

We have made the decision that the entire Lyndon 6th grade class will engage in remote learning until October 30. The reason for having the entire 6th grade teach and learn remotely is because we want to provide the best educational opportunity for all of our students.  If we tried to have some individuals return for in person while others remained remote, it would cause multiple inequities and disruptions.  Having the whole 6th grade community teaching and learning in the same mode creates a much better learning environment for all. 

Because we separate classes by cohort within Lyndon Town School, and all of our schools, we isolate sub-groups within our in-person community.  The rest of the school safely continues to learn at LTS in person while the affected group pivots to remote learning.

Some folks have asked about sports.  There are no in-person students in the 6th grade cohort at  Lyndon who play on any of our fall athletic teams.  All athletics will continue as normal, utilizing all of the necessary precautions in the Safe and Healthy School Guidance


Thank you for understanding that, due to medical privacy laws, we are not able to release any names or specific information.  I also ask that if you have questions or concerns you reach out directly to your son/daughter’s teachers, your school nurse, your school principal, or me, rather than post on social media. We must all support each other.

I will provide updates as needed.  In addition we encourage you to tune into Lyndon Live Radio show on Friday FM MAGIC 97.7 at 6:50 AM.  Both Principal Amy Gale and Nurse Tara Prue will share information about safety.  The procedures at Lyndon are similar to each of our schools.  


Jennifer Botzojorns 

Superintendent of Schools

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