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We Want To Hear From You!

Community members are encouraged to visit our regular board meetings and speak to the board.

All of our board meetings can be found at our Kingdom East Youtube Channel.

The Kingdom East School Board has 6 openings. If interested, please complete a petition packet to be added to the ballot in March, 2020

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Phone ContactMail
Botzojorns, JenKingdom East Superintendent802-745-9406802-626-6100SuperintendentPO Box 107 Lyndonville, VT 05851jbotzojorns@kingdomeast.org
Blankenship, NancyLyndon802-274-9532802-626-0741Postal and education128 Highland Circle Lyndonville, VT 05851
DeMasi, TonyBurke802-473-6292802-467-1295Retired, Machinist345 Rte. 5A West Burke, VT 05871ademasi@kingdomeast.org
Fox, MirandaLyndon802-274-9112Higher Education, Admissions187 York Street Lyndonville, VT 05851mdfox@kingdomeast.org
Hale, JulieConcord802-535-659474 Maple Tree Lane
Concord, VT 05824
Irwin,ClareSutton860-908-9128Education Consultant1826 Wheelock Road Sutton, VT 05867cirwin@kingdomeast.org
Mahoney, BiffSheffield802-535-2515Retired Newspaper Editer4702 Rte. 122 Sheffiled, VT 05866bmahoney@kingdomeast.org
May, AlyssaBurke802-626-1252PastorPO Box 262 East Burke, VT 05832amay@kingdomeast.org
Peyton, JamesLunenburg802-535-9749802-892-1154NEK Solid Waste District1886 Baptist Hill Road Lunenburg, Vt 05906jpeyton@kingdomeast.org
Rexford, LeahWheelock802-751-5622Nurse432 Jill's Hill Road S. Wheelock, VT 05851lrexford@kingdomeast.org
Rossetti, ErinLyndon802-922-4724Higher Educaiton, student life102 Abenaki Loop Lyndonville, VT 05851erossetti@kingdomeast.org
Stuart, Cynthia, ChairConcord802-535-2571802-695-1022ConsultantPO Box 558 Lynndonville, VT 05851cstuart@kingdomeast.org
Talbot, KaseyNewark802-467-9876Homemaker601 Abbott Hill Road Newark, VT 05871ktalbot@kingdomeast.org
Simpson, JakeSutton802-279-8082Construction Co. Buisness OwnerPO Box 334
Sutton, VT 05867
Taylor, HollyLyndon802-595-2823Business OwnerPO Box 941 Lyndonville, VT 05851htaylor@kingdomeast.org
Williams, HarryLunenburg802-249-4292Electrician27 Baptist Hill Road Lunenburg, VT 05906hwilliams@kingdomeast.org