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Vermont has recognized the importance of early care and education with the passage of Act 166, the Universal Pre-Kindergarten Act.  This act has mandated that all children are entitled to 10 hours a week of pre-kindergarten, allowing them to have quality formative experiences and preparing children to succeed in school. 

What is Universal Preschool (Act 166)

Act 166 and Vermont

  • Free for families
  • Provides preschool for at least 10 hours per week and at least 35 weeks per year
  • Available to 3 (before September 1st), 4, and 5 year-olds not enrolled in Kindergarten
  • Available in public school and private program settings
  • All participating programs MUST be pre-qualified through the State of Vermont


How do I register my child for preschool?

KESD offers preschool at:

Burke Town School
Concord School
Lyndon Town School
Miller’s Run School

In addition, Kingdom East School District partners with local and regional pre-qualified preschool programs, providing families with the flexibility to access early education in a setting outside of the public school.  

For contact information and a list of KESD Universal PreK options within the Kingdom East School District, please follow this link:  KESD Universal PreK  

Families may also access Universal Preschool at pre-qualified partner programs outside of the Kingdom East School District.  Information about out-of-district options can be found on the Building Bright Futures Website.

Families should contact public schools and PreK partners directly to inquire about registration.   


Preschool Developmental Screening and Early Childhood Special Education

Preschool Screening gives parents the opportunity to learn about how their child is developing, and to get answers to questions or concerns they may have about age-appropriate skills.  KESD offers preschool screening appointments in the spring of each year. Information about times and locations of annual preschool screenings are posted here before the April break.  

Parents with a concern about their child’s development are encouraged to contact the Early Childhood Special Education Team at any time at: (802) 626-6100 x 4733.  

Please access the following links for information about early childhood development and early childhood special education: