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About Being efficient

November 8, 2019 Comments Off on About Being efficient

2019-2020 CalendarKESD Strategic PlanKESD Continuous Improvement Plan Landing Page This past weekend my husband made an amazing breakfast: rice flour waffles, blueberries, syrup, bacon, yogurt.  As the sun lazed in the window, newspaper spread on the table, we enjoyed the early morning meal. Then I cleared my plate and stood with my back to the rest of the room.  I glanced to the right and left, made sure nobody was watching. Then, I LICKED my plate! Syrup with blueberry stains and yogurt blobs. Delicious!  As a child, I would catch my dad doing this, “Why be inefficient?” he leaned down and whispered at me,  “we never want food to go to waste. Efficiency, I tell you, that is why I lick my plate!” The exclamatory statement was not in volume but a sly grin and raised eyebrows as the delicious remainder of his meal met his taste buds.  Why don’t we lick our plates?  I suspect the social conformities are rooted in the history of germs.  The advent of silverware was no doubt because someone realized that touching food with our hands might be the cause of spreading disease.  But licking our plates should be ok?  My dispatch message this…

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It is a considerable honor to serve as the Superintendent of Schools for the Kingdom East School District.

The citizens of Burke, Concord, Lyndon, Lunenburg, Newark, Sheffield, Sutton and Wheelock care deeply about public education and our preK-12 students. This support is essential in continuing the strength of our school programs. As we launch a new school district with both opportunities and challenges, I feel confident that each of our small towns can maintain their small community values and also serve the educational hopes and dreams for all our children.

We strive for our schools allow our children to be prepared to excel and thrive in college, careers and life. We have robust preK-8 schools and high school choice. In our first year as a District, I will work with our citizens, families, parents, school personnel and the Board to develop a strategic plan to guide our schools for the next decade. We will set up community engagement systems, provide a web and social media presence to communicate. We will strive to meet the aspirations of the young people whom we educate.
I look forward to continuing our academic programs, increasing personalization and authentic, place based learning, expanding co-curricular, civic, service and after school programs and creatively working across all schools to share resources and maximize our potential.

I believe in a commitment to both the development of community assets and service; I take great pride in empowering students and staff to reach their highest potential. I look forward to working with our entire community to make the 2018-19 school year successful and inspiring year.

Jennifer Botzojorns, Superintendent

Jennifer began as superintendent in June of 2016. Her professional career started in independent boarding schools first as a Latin and English teacher then as as a counselor, dorm parent, admissions/development director, and school dean. She then moved to public secondary schools and taught Latin and mathematics (algebra, geometry, trigonometry) for seven years. She spent seven years as a secondary school principal at Mt Mansfield Union High School and five years as Curriculum Director and Assistant Superintendent in Richmond, Vermont. She received a doctoral degree from University of Pennsylvania in Educational Leadership, Masters in educational leadership from the University of Vermont and bachelor's degree in government from Dartmouth College. @jenEDuvt or by email at

Jennifer and her husband live in Concord. She has two grown children and enjoys spending time hiking, skiing, canoeing, and just being in the woods -- building and working with wood.

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