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April 4, 2019 KESD Dispatch


Kingdom East School District Dispatch

April 4, 2019

A regular newsletter for the public education community of Burke, Concord, Lunenburg, Lyndon, Millers Run, Newark, Sutton


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Last day of school will be announced after April break


I was at Miller’s Run and usually there is more snow in Newark that anywhere in Vermont.  This spring, Miller’s Run has us all beat. Hard to believe that April would see a tunnel to the door!  


In Ollie’s Ski Trip by Elsa Beskow, Ollie travels all over the north on his skis.  I love this children’s book because eventually the April lady comes with the rain (and she blows her nose with a spring cold) and sweeps away the winter weather.


At Miller’s Run last week it was a hot sunny day.  I have been trying to eat healthy snacks, and once I left I hopped in the car, buckled the seat belt, engaged the gear, and pulled the bag of carrots out of my snack sack.


Without looking I took a nice hearty bite.  Bleck! The carrot was bitter! Bitter, bitter. Ick!  I spit it out. I figured my car has enough mud and dirt, what’s a little carrot chunk?


Carrots like onions are biennials.  The first year they make robust roots, the second year they sprout and produce seeds.  Most of us don’t remember this because we just grow them to eat. When they produce the sprouts, they become bitter.  Question: have you noticed the potatoes, onions, garlic that are in a bowl in your kitchen? Have you noticed that they are sprouting about now?  How do they know?? How do they know that the spring lady from Ollie’s ski trip is coming, sweeping away the snow with wet rain; soon there will be plants.  

I was so enamoured by my sprouting carrot that I put it on my dashboard.  There. Sitting. Proud. Reminding me that spring WILL be here. Soon. Someday.  And all the vegetables and plants know this. We too just need to remind ourselves that we are blessed to live in a climate that sees the shifting of the weather, the beauty of the earth pushing its growing warmth each April.


Now, how to combat this raw, sunless April weather?  How about some SOUP!! Last week Concord hosted an amazing soup feast which, along with my sprouting  carrot in my car, and reminders of Lady Spring in Ollie’s Ski Trip, help comfort and sustain me in this grayness.  What do you do to sustain yourself?



  • Last day of school will be announced after April break.
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  • After School: fencing, painting, do you know about the cool things happening in After School?  Have you ever stopped in and visited our after school programs? Please do! What amazing activities that enrich the school experience of our students!
    • KEAP Session 4 opened at all 8 sites on April 1.  The last day for students at Afterschool this year is Thursday, May 23.  Please encourage students and parents to take advantage of these FREE opportunities — and we’d love to have you stop in to see what we are up to! Highlights this spring include Pottery, Girls on the Run, STEM Challenges, Fencing, Archery, Crocheting, Fishing, Rock Band, Gardening & Cooking.


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