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Concord Gym: Closed Until April 1, 2019

February 15, 2019

Dear Concord faculty, staff, parents, guardians and community members,

The purpose of this letter is to update you on the Concord Gym.  As you know there was an engineering report and a recommendation from our insurance company concerning the gym.    The gym will not be open if there is snow on the roof. The Concord Gym will be officially closed until Monday, April 1st.  After April 1st the gym can be open as long as there is no snow on the roof.

Between now and April 1st, the principal, Sherri Gregory, will be able to allow access to the gym on a case by case basis for events and needed activities.  Ms. Gregory will only allow access to the gym if the roof is clear of snow. Currently there is snow on the roof; there are plans to have the snow removed this weekend.  Ms. Gregory will provide weekly updates of days, times or events when the gym can be accessed between now and April 1. After April 1, if the gym needs to be closed due to a snow event, Ms. Gregory will also update you.

In March and April we will conduct community and school meetings to gather input for a new facility.  Improvements to the Concord physical plant will eliminate the need to close the gym in the future. In addition, we are actively lobbying the legislature to request school construction aid to support our needed facilities improvements. There is a regional legislative breakfast on Monday February 25th at the St Johnsbury House (next to the fire station in St. Johnsbury) at 8am if you would like to attend and request our local legislators support school construction aid. (This is hosted by the Chamber of Commerce and there is a $3 fee for the food)

We look forward to hearing your ideas and thoughts as we move forward.  Please know that the decision to close the gym and only access it on a case by case basis is due to safety for all concerned.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


Jennifer Botzojorns

Superintendent of Schools

Engineering Report

Recommendation from Insurance Company