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A Moose

October 14, 2020

The other night darkness settled into our valley in Concord.  The partially lit western sky glowed orange then faded.  The dog (a large 9 month old puppy) wanted to sit on the porch. There he sat.

In the distance an enormous beast emerged from the creek bottom.  Dark, large, huge rack, the bull came into view.

Beside himself with excitement the dog leapt to his feet and bolted toward the bridge and the moose.  Barking, enthusiastically, running, excited, speedily making himself nearer and nearer.

Then the moose stopped.  Stock still.  He turned and loomed over the relatively large golden retriever.  The dog, stopped dead in his tracks, looked at the moose, then in a nanosecond turned and ran, lickety split, back to the potch, into the opened door (we were standing watching) and straight into the teeny weeny back corner of his crate.  Pushing the back side of his fur as close to hiding-from-everything that could possibly be large-and-present and looming-and-alive!

My husband and I laughed.  Big bold dog, naturally put in his place by this other majestic creature.  

Then I thought about the pandemic.  The pandemic is like this moose, big and large.  And as we think about it and jump out to tackle it, we excitedly get close, wanting to step right in front of it.  Then, we immediately realize it is very large — something that we need to take care to run back, wear our facial coverings and be careful. And snuggle with our stuffed beavers.

On Tuesday at the regular update from the governor, health commissioner and his cabinet it was announced that Grafton County in NH has gone “yellow.”   I had been shopping in Littleton on Sunday!The report of rising cases of COVID19 in Vermont is a reminder the pandemic is not over.

“YELLOW” county means traveling to and from anywhere in the county is subject to VT travel

restrictions.Grafton County borders the Connecticut River and includes the towns of

Littleton at its north and Hanover/Lebanon to the south.

What is travel restriction? Is your travel essential or non-essential? Essential travel includes travel for personal safety, medical care, care of others, parental shared custody, for food, beverage or medicine, or to perform work for businesses that are currently allowed to operate. Essential travel means you do not need to quarantine. Individuals engaged in a daily commute to and from their job are expressly exempt from the need to quarantine by Executive Order.

Non-essential travel (leisure travel) is subject to travel restrictions. Travel restrictions and the safe travel map is updated every Tuesday by noon. You are encouraged to check it prior to any travel outside of VT. https://accd.vermont.gov/covid-19/restart/cross-state-travel

Everyone should continue to wear a mask, keep your distance, wash your hands, and stay home if you are sick. Together, we will keep each other healthy.