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From the Principal Lunenburg/Gilman

Welcome to Lunenburg Schools!

Welcome to a brand-new school year! I am very excited to begin my fourth year as the  Principal of the Lunenburg & Gilman Schools. I am pleased to be a part of this community where I get the honor of watching your children learn and grow into responsible young people. In order to be successful with the work that we do at school, your partnership is an invaluable piece in the puzzle. There are so many components in the development of well-rounded citizens; we are only stronger with your support, and we thank you for it.  


We are looking forward to working with the Tarrant Institute this year as we delve into Place-Based Learning at the middle school. Students will also be honing their Personal Learning Plans which they will share with you during their student-led conferences. 


Several teachers have had the wonderful opportunity of training at the Teachers College in the areas of writing and phonics instruction. This will be our second year implementing the Units of Study curriculum. We will host our Literacy Night in October. Please plan on attending as we will demonstrate a lesson and you can see first hand how your child progresses through the many layers of the writing process.


-Cheryl McVetty, Principal

Principal's Friday Focus

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