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Updates For Teaching & Learning

04/28/20 Updates For Teaching & Learning:

As we continue to move forward with so many amazing learning opportunities being created by you for students, here are some friendly reminders…

  1. FAQ Sheet for KESD Pre K-8 Remote Learning Guidelines & Supports for Educators (4/22/20)

6 Key Reminders to keeping it simple:

  • Daily contact for attendance (let principal know of students you can’t reach)
  • Ongoing connections to motivate engagement and nurture growth (done through a variety of ways)
  • Content: refer to the broad concepts shared- Math, Humanities (the teacher gets to design the creative activities that address these, based on their own styles and knowing their students best)
  • Balancing all schedules (synchronous learning is not a district requirement) with breaks to not burn out!!
  • Monitoring progress through formative assessments, not summative grading (ie. anecdotal conferring notes); end-of-year narrative report template will be available soon.
  • Less is more!!


  1. You know your students best, You are the most connected to them, receiving on the ground feedback!!
  1. Check it out!! Virtual Calming Room (thank you for sharing Alyssa!!)
  1. FRIDAYS…don’t forget to reach out to colleagues if you’d like to meet again this Friday (or any other Fridays) 

District coaches and Tarrant folks are ready and willing to help arrange and/or facilitate PLCs upon request, but there will NOT be one district-wide schedule for PLCs from here on out on Fridays due to scheduling conflicts.

  1. As we shared last week, here are some ideas for Fridays if you choose to participate in them (district coaches and Tarrant folks are available to assist with any of these):
  1. Any school Level PLC teaming together (as needed for planning and resource sharing).
  2. Any district level PLC teaming together (as needed for planning and resource sharing).
  3. Individual teacher planning/prep and/or professional learning through webinars/readings (as decided by teacher).

Theresa and the District Instructional Coaching Team😊