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Welcome to Miller’s Run 2019-2020!

Happy Summer,

Welcome, Miller’s Run Community, to the 2019-2020 school year!

As school days quickly approach, the staff of Miller’s Run have already been meeting and planning for the year.

We are excited to have been able to add some support for our students this year. In the elementary classes, Mrs. Goodwin and Mrs. Powers have agreed to work half-time as math and literacy interventionists, respectively. They will also share the third grade class to make this possible. In 4th/5th grade, we’ve hired Mrs. Heather Carpenter. Mrs. Carpenter has an excellent background in teaching elementary school and combined grades classrooms. Meanwhile, 5th grade will continue to have math with Mr. McGrath in middle school. For middle school support, Mrs. Jardine will be teaching science part-time and doing math intervention the rest of the day. With these changes, Miller’s Run students will have the opportunity to make greater progress in math, a goal our staff has had for a number of years. In the arts, we’ve recently hired Alyssa Palumbo to teach art. She’s been in a number of times and is excited to meet the students!

We’ve also had some work done in the parking lot to improve safety. As in the past, please drop off your students in the drop-off zone, waiting until the car ahead of you pulls away before pulling up to let your kids out. Please do not park in the drop off zone! If you would like to come into the building, please park diagonally in the visitor parking area. We hope to add a side walk to the visitor side of the parking lot next summer, with the goal of improving pedestrian safety. Avoid dropping off in the loop from 7:45-8:15 in the morning, or using the loop after 2:30 PM until 3:15 PM due to bus arrivals and departures.

And the following week…SCHOOL STARTS, bright and early, on Wednesday, August 28th at 8 am. Students can be dropped off beginning at 7:45 AM. Students may go to the cafeteria for breakfast between 7:45-8:00 before going to their homerooms, or go directly to their homerooms upon arrival. We are excited to be launching this great, new year!


Check out our Facebook, Twitter, and website for upcoming events and other information. Please feel free to call or email with questions, concerns, comments, or accolades!

See you soon!    

Mr. Ham