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August 22, 2019 District Dispatch

A regular newsletter for the public education community of Burke, Concord, Lunenburg, Lyndon, Millers Run, Newark, Sutton

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During the summer, our A team met.  As is the case with most meetings, the leader throws in some teamwork exercises to build a healthy and supportive culture. One activity: build some sort of structure where we connected with each other physically –a human sculpture.  In my mind prior, I was thinking of a pyramid of sorts. After visiting Montreal and seeing some street performers, I envisioned something like these:

Well, the Awesome A-Team quickly made me realize that in my mind, I was being a bit ridiculous; they took my “team time” instructions and followed them perfectly and created their own structure (notice Mr Mulligan was not there so his photo appeared instead). This made me realize what an awesome leadership team I have the honor to work with, and how ridiculous some of my ideas are…. Hmmm I wonder if all as teachers, somewhere deep inside have cooky ideas, and awesome teammates?   I think so!!

I look forward to a great year, and as we launch, think about how as teachers we must adapt to our student’s needs.  I am Looking forward to seeing everyone at Convocation, and when you get a moment, be sure to thank your principal along with custodial and office staff who have been working all summer readying for the year.    Here we go!!

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