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Big Things, September 16, 2020

When my son was young he loved big things. Building large towers with blocks, making loud noises when he knocked them over.  Digging big holes and putting lots of water in the big holes.  Making large piles of leaves and jumping off big places into the leaves.  Later he liked big jumps landing in big powder on his skis.  

It reminded me why our children love superheroes, and exaggeration, fantastical ideas.  Their little minds are young, forming and thinking in such large directions. They love to be creative and inquisitive. 

Yesterday I was reminded of this.  In a classroom a young learner had used the bathroom and was washing his hands.  He then lathered, I mean really lathered.  The hands moved back and forth, round and round, then he circled each finger, and after each one, gave an extra squirt from the dispenser.  The foam went around the hands and dripped into the sink.  In his own world, you could see joy as he simply washed his hands.

This reminded me of how children are in their own world.  They do not know the things we think about.  We teach them to wash their hands, and wash their hands they do, in big ways, in latherful ways, in soapy smooth, clean ways.  This, of course, is why we love our children.  They are so innocent.  They are just children.  Creative, thriving children.  Making big soapy lathers!

Afterschool Update: KEAP staff is almost ready to launch our remote fall offerings which will include online classes at 4:00 pm (including STEM with remote control cars, art, Northwoods, Fairbanks), enrichment kits with all supplies included, one-on-one reading practice by phone/zoom.  As our staff team grows, we will be able to begin planning for in-person programming at your schools.  Lunenburg, Gilman, Concord and Sutton are in highest need of new staff — please spread the word to potential Site Coordinators and Group Leaders!  

8th Grade Honors French I course: online, daily 4-4:30 pm, via zoom.  Letter being sent to parents.  Application form.  A robo email will go out today and a robo call will go out Sunday.  This will begin in late September, early October. 

Open Positions in Kingdom East School District 

New technology policy the Kingdom East School board approved. This policy lays out appropriate communication between staff members and students online. 

Google Preferred Chat, Google Chat and Classic Hangouts have been turned off for students.  (there was some mis-use) Google Meets is still on for faculty and staff

We will be dismissing students at 2 pm until October 2.  The purpose of this is to give more transition time for students as they adjust to the changes in school.  

Algorithm for Student return to school after illness

Engagement – board and community 

School Board Meeting Schedule; Teacher’s Negotiated Agreement ESP Agreement District Policy Landing Page