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Changing the Seasons – August 29, 2019

People often ask, “What’s your favorite season?”  I love them all, and love that in Vermont you get a variety, both throughout the year and from year to year.  Last year there were two snow days before Thanksgiving! Two years ago I was gardening at Thanksgiving!

This past week I’ve heard two flocks of geese overhead.  I can imagine the head dude saying to the others, “Yeah last year we waited too long, not good, not good, THIS YEAR we are starting out early, good good…”  I often wonder what those geese are really saying as they honk honk honk above and flap along in the thermals.  

 This week our electronic thermometer read a low of 33, 34 and 37 (pictured above, the 37 is under the 5) on three consecutive days!  I covered my proud houseplants with a cloth to prevent freeze burn.

The first week of school means a new season. There is still lots of warmth in the air –yet we know that school marks another year, another milestone, another dance in time as our young people walk through their childhood. 

 2019-2020 Calendar

This week I noticed children in group meetings, writing, running around on the playground, reading, making art.  I noticed teachers patiently and confidently guiding, I noticed bright colors, organization, smiles; one little kindergartener said to me, “Do you know my brother?” 

As the weather changes, so do our children.  Have you noticed how much taller or how much they have learned over the summer?   It is a gift to work with young people, that the community entrusts us with their learning.   Thank you for a great week, and think of those geese and just honk honk honk away into the start of this new school year. . 

Afterschool Opens on Sept. 16:  KEAP is free to all K-8 students and we want as many students as possible to attend on a regular basis!  (Family donations encouraged.) However, for safety reasons, NO student will be permitted to attend Afterschool without a completed KEAP registration form on file.  Please encourage your students and families to register — the updated form is only 1 page long!  Please send info and a shout out to all parents and families. 

Current Open Positions in Kingdom East School District – please click on this link to see all open positions. 

Racial Equity: Vermont NEA racial equity toolkit. Helpful resources including the video “I’m From Here” and an accompanying discussion guide.


Homeless: Federal Law (ESSA – Every Student Succeeds Act and McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance Act) requires school districts to determine a student’s homeless status and facilitate school enrollment and access to services.

If you become aware of any student who has lost their housing or has needs related to their housing situation, please talk to your principal (LTS staff please talk to your guidance counselors).  It’s important to support school continuity for these students, particularly at the start of the school year when students are getting settled in new classrooms. Homeless students are entitled to free school meals and attendance at afterschool programs and are automatically eligible for Title I services if needed.

  • Students who have been forced to move to a temporary location in their town or outside of their town and determined to be McKinney Vento eligible are entitled to continue in their “school of origin” – the school the student attended before  they were displaced. Schools are required  to provide transportation if needed to the school of origin.
  • Families lose their housing for many reasons; fire, flood, mold, domestic violence, eviction, illness, loss of employment are some of the main causes in Vermont. There is a lack of affordable housing statewide and in the Northeast Kingdom making it very hard for families to find new housing.
  • Kingdom East schools served 49 homeless students in 2018-19 school year; most families were “doubled up” with family, relatives or friends. Some families lived in a shelter, campground, camper trailer, tent or car.

Please e-mail Diane Janukajtis <djanukajtis@kingdomeast.org>if you have a student who needs a referral so we can schedule a time to talk by phone.  I’ll need the following information:

  • student name, age, grade, special learning needs (IEP, 504, EST or SIT plan:
  • parent name, address, phone number;
  • address where student/parent are living now;

If you don’t have/can’t get some of this information, e-mail anyway (don’t wait) 

Management and External Relations 

(Outreach, Networking, Relationships/System Capacity)