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Contrast: KESD Dispatch, October 17/24, 2019

I recently hiked up into the clouds.  What strikes me the most about fall foliage is contrast.  The reds and greens, oranges and grays. Juxtaposed. Resting next to each other.  In the fog and mist, colors pop and fade between the distance and foreground. We all breathe in the smell of fading maple leaves. Change. Changing colors. We embrace the beauty around every corner.  And, of course we know this marks transition. The coming of winter. As the leaves fall, I ask you to think what in your life are you able to shed, to put aside? In the winter months we get to dig deep inside our store. Yet now is the time to shed something.  What have you shed? What will you shed? And what beautiful color comes with the change? As fall marches into November, we are reminded of this life cycle.  In Northern New England, each year mother nature tells us it is good to shed our beauty and be dormant, to look inside, and to cycle with the earth. 

KEAP Session 2 Starts Nov. 4! If you or someone you know is interested in leading a learning opportunity after school, please contact Anne Hatch (ahatch@kingdomeast.org) or your school’s Site Coordinator for more details.

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Student Community Music Opportunity: The North Country Youth Chorus (NCYC) which is sponsored by the North Country Chorus in partnership with Catamount Arts will begin rehearsals on Friday, Oct. 25 and will be held every Friday from 3:30-5:00pm at Catamount Arts.  There are no auditions and no fee to participate — open to students in grades 3-8. See flyer here for more information.Kingdom East School District- School Board. Meeting Schedule; Website http://www.kingdomeast.org; School Board Landing page- Warnings and minutes for all Board Meetings;