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Everything With Love

In 4th grade Richie Waldron wrote me love letters on big long yellow legal pieces of paper.  Each one had pictures of hearts, the i’s were topped with hearts, the periods were hearts. They went on and on and on.  I was flattered and put them in a jar, nicely folded, labeled “love notes from Richie.”

In 7th grade I decided to make hearts for a bunch of my classmates. I collected every red t-shirt I owned,  took the scissors with the jagged cutting edge and cut the material. Then with Elmers glue, I attached the cloth hearts to the paper. Of course with too much glue the paper warped and it made a colossal mess, but when they dried, I brought them to school to distribute.

This week I got a valentine from my sister who lives in New Hampshire.  It was a red piece of paper with a bunch of chickadees, robins, crows and other birds cut out.  They were facing each other, all glued on with ribbons.

I was thinking of  how Valentines is a funny holiday, smack dab in the middle of winter.  Some folks take it seriously and send dozens of roses to their beloved.  Some simply write letters or share candy. What I like the most about Valentine’s day is the chance to simply talk about love. You have permission to say the word love.  Love. Love. Over and over. Goodness knows we need more love in this world. This week, I offer you all the words at the end of a video that my nephew made.

Find love.  Give love. Spread love. Share love. Donate love. Reach for love. Express love. Be in love. Live through love. Connect with love. Love yourself with love.  Grasp love. Absorb love. Mean your love. Appreciate love. Teach love. Hold onto love. Feel love. Find your way with love. Light your way with love. Do everything with love.

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