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First Friday in February Flannel For Food

Last year Newark had almost 100% participation!  All of our schools had some participation. All you need to do is wear flannel, bring in a non-perishable food donation, or small cash donation — to your office, and your school can enter the contest.  Below please see the letter to the editor I submitted to the Chronicle.

Dear Editor

I have a problem with the superintendent of schools in The North Country.  Mr. John Castle seems to be heckling me. He prefers flannel – flannel fashion, footwear, flip-flops, fleece — I even think the fuses, firewall, fuel pump and front wheels of his truck are lined with flannel.  Anyone who does not have a predisposition for flannel is not on his good list. I can assure you that you do not want to be on the receiving end of a wrathful flannel ranting Mr. Castle. Not only is he enamored with the clothing, he seems to think that the good people, all the educators in The North Country, have an edge on the educators in Kingdom East, when it comes to wearing flannel and raising money on the First February Flannel Friday Food Drive.  Foolhardy!

People in our school district take on challenges without being flannelly fastuous!  Our folk work hard and mean business. In response to the baiting, I offer “Flannel Man” Castle a challenge, if he thinks that his school folk, the good educators of The North Country are able to have First Friday February Flannel Food, and out food-drive-raise money and canned goods than the good folk of Kingdom East, he’s full of falsiloquence.

I bet even the esteemed Heads of St. Johnsbury Academy and Lyndon Institute – Mr. Tom Lovett and Ms. Twila Perry, can outpace the factor of four the faint flannel fame Mr. Castle is fictitiously forecasting.

Here is my challenge —  if Mr. Castle’s folks show a higher percentage of participation in the Friday Flannel Food Drive I will fabricate a flannel falcon fedora for him. On the other hand, if our good people of Kingdom East and our independent high schools produce more donations– Mr. Castle will need to fabricate a floral flannel fleece for me.

February Flannel First Friday Food Funds — On the first Friday in February folks wear flannel to school or the workplace and donate money for a food drive, or bring in a non-perishable food item.  All proceeds go to NEH (Newport) and/or HOPE and/or your local food shelf.  Join in the First Friday in February Flannel Food Fun! Wear Flannel and/or bring in a non-perishable food or cash donation!