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Friday Dispatch – September 6, 2019

A regular newsletter for the public education community of Burke, Concord, Lunenburg, Lyndon, Millers Run, Newark, Sutton

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As I drove home tonight I thought of a coureur des bois.  These early Frenchmen would run through the woods and mountains of our region, trading and sharing information.  In the evenings their fiddle music and song would rollick through the valleys.

For some reason, as my car climbed up and over Kirby Mountain, I imagined people popping out of the woods, running across the path, and then back into the woods…. mumbling in French.  I suppose Fridays allow our minds to wander in strange directions. However, one need not go far to find Abnaki or French Canadian in the blood lines of our neighbors.  

This weekend is the first ever cross country meet for our Kingdom East cross country athletes.  Tomorrow, Saturday, they will go to Creftsbury to run! Next week, we will have a French teacher in Concord and Lunenburg.  Perhaps it is the expanding of opportunities for our young people that got me imagining someone leaping over logs and traipsing through the woods, speaking French.  Who knows?  

Be sure on Monday to congratulate the runners in your classes, for their success at Craftsbury.  No matter how they run, it will be a personal record, as it will be their first cross country race.  As the weeks come forth, some of our children will all be speaking a little French!

Current Open Positions in Kingdom East School District – please click on this link to see all open positions. 

Gorsky : Equity Conference October 1st – Newark


We have TWO coaching positions open and NEED YOU!

1. Cross country coach – Lyndon. No running experience necessary. Just a positive attitude and Kelly can help  with a practice plan! 3 days a week, Stipend Position

          – Season ends October 31st

2. Soccer coach, K-2, – Burke. We had SO MANY kids sign up for this team that we now need a coach!

       – 3 days a week

       – Stipend Position

   – Season ends October 31st

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