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Our Sympathy

This past weekend, Charlie “Chappy” Chapman died due to an illness. Charlie served for many years as a bus driver at Burke Town School. His route included Newark Hill and several other small roads. Prior to driving bus for Burke, Chappy worked for years as a driver’s education instructor at Lyndon Institute and Lake Region Union High School. In addition to many other roles, Charlie was also a veteran of our armed services, a father and devoted husband.

Burke Town School reached out to families over the weekend to let them know about Mr. Chapman, and that the bus route would need to be cancelled for the rest of the school year.

Charlie was an incredibly positive force of energy at Burke Town School and in the community. He will be missed by faculty, staff and children. Teachers and counselors have worked to have extended class meetings and support children. In addition they will continue to provide counseling as needed for students and faculty. Any families or parents who would like additional support should reach out to principal Stacy Rice.

Principal Rice shared that, “We are devastated by the loss of Chappy. His life force, love and contributions to our entire community will be sorely missed. Our hearts and prayers go to his family as they seek privacy and peace in the loss of their beloved husband and father.”

Please find a link from a statement that the Superintendent of Schools sent to faculty, staff and families in Burke.