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School Dispatch for March 28, 2019

Kingdom East School District Dispatch

March 28, 2019

A regular newsletter for the public education community of Burke, Concord, Lunenburg, Lyndon, Millers Run, Newark, Sutton

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On Tuesday night fifty-five members of the community joined together to share with the Kingdom East Board ideas for their vision and five year strategic plan.  One highlight of the evening was when 7th and 8th grade representatives from each school stood up and shared what they believed is most important to plan in our schools.

We should feel safe. Teachers should hold us accountable with consequences. If we are failing, work together to get our grades up, help us, we want to do well. We want a good music program. Help expand creativity and community service projects.  Teach us about the outdoors, nutrition, have sports for us to play. We need more homework, we need to learn time management for high school. We want a sense of community, have us involved in decisions.  

Have hands on, specific learning that is relevant.  Be interested in what we want to do and learn.  We want choice, this makes us feel valued and more important. We need engagement, if we are not engaged we won’t learn. We need  hands on not lectures.  When we are talked at we lose focus.  With projects we can learn by doing. We want opportunities to better ourselves by doing things like Vermont history day, science fairs, math counts, and plays.  Every student should have a vote on how schools are run.  We want languages, maybe Mandarin or French.  When teachers enjoy what they do it is a positive environment.  We want a choice and options, we want a tutoring program to get and give tutoring. We would like opportunities to things like nature’s classroom, electives.  We would like a change in recipes and alternative food options, not the same dishes for lunch.  We would like a good support system so when we have problems we can to go someone, someone we trust.  We should not feel bad by wanting to get help for anything. We would like updated technology that does not cause  distractions for our teachers. We would like classes on things we need as adults, like how to do taxes or get car loans We would like opportunities for civics and opportunities for things like a school newspaper.

The evening included many more conversations and notes.  The Board will take this information and use the input to create a strategic plan.  From one board member to all who attended:


Thank everyone who set up, picked up, stood up, spoke up, showed up and gave up (their time), as part of last night’s overwhelmingly successful and positive Strategic planning initiative. Wow!! I’m so excited to see where all this info leads our students and their families! Thank you again everyone.

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