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Spring, Eggs, Colors, and New Fangled Discoveries

My mother grew up in Fitchburg, Mass near a spool making factory. The by-product of the lathes were egg shaped pieces of wood. One day my grandfather brought some home and painted them the bright pastels of spring.

Have you ever thought that when children are young, you can use their curiosity and enthusiasm to expand their learning experience?  

During childhood Easter egg hunts these eggs were hidden outside.  My sisters and I ran about putting them in baskets. As we searched, my dad would sneakily pull some out of our collection and huck them over the house.  We ventured to the other yard and found more eggs! This went on for several hours (until my dad’s arm got tired). We, of course, had no clue that he was recycling our hunt items.

With my own children, late February and early March was a time for decorating eggs. A Ukrainian friend showed us how to use natural dye, beeswax, and heat the wax off the eggs.  In the traditional method, the eggs stay raw and sit for a long time. The theory is that eventually the porous shells allow the insides to dry. The first year I tried this the eggs sat in our basement for several months after Easter “drying out.”  In November, moving boxes, the egg carton spilled; eggs rolled onto the concrete floor.

Remember Templeton the rat, in Charlotte’s Web, who LOVES rotten eggs, but everyone else in the barn is disgusted?  Seven month old rotten eggs have an unforgettable odor.

Have you ever done something the old fashioned way only to be thwarted by some ridiculous hurdle such as an awful smell?

The next year I removed the insides of the eggs, which involved piercing two holes and blowing until you hyperventilate, or the egg cracks from the pressure.  Or both. Eventually we got the knack of it.

Have you ever tried some learning and tried and tried and through sheer experience, learned a better, faster way?

This past week I discovered a new invention online, an egg-innards-removal device.  As we made eggs, I thought about how it is the time of year when we are craving spring, sunlight, colors.  Our children, too, crave this.

In the next 2 months, spring WILL arrive.  We will see the efficiencies we discover, the new ways of looking at data or showing that math concept. Serendipitously, all our past experiences will come together.   Beautiful things will happen!

I hope everyone had time to rest this past week, and see bright colors.  

Here is to the hope of spring, eggs, colors, and new fangled discoveries which help us to continue to create beauty in our schools!

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