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Watching Sandpipers

Today I wandered into the maintenance office at Lyndon Town School.  I chatted with George and Roland. Then Roland took me for a tour of the wood chip plant.  It was a small moment; it reminded me how much I appreciate each and every person who works in our schools.  Did you know that the folks at Lyndon get up at 2 or 3 in the morning to plow snow on those snowy mornings? I want to thank all of our maintenance and custodial folks for all the hours they put in to our schools. As school employees, we all take a little bit of our heart and pour it into some magic sauce that helps children grow.

I have not written much for the Dispatch lately.  What do you do when your pen goes dry? It sits on the shelf, silent.  I think of Harry Potter and magical pens, that leap from the shelf and write stories themselves.  I love to write, but my pen has been sitting, silent. On the shelf. It has been dry and I don’t know why. The holiday?  The darkness? The this and that? And the guilt seeps in because I have not told all of you, as the year ended, how much I appreciate you.  I have not said thank you. I have not said may the blessings of the earth fill you and your family as you close the door on a year and open a new year 2020

And then I got a letter from a friend.  Her card showed a sandpiper. I remembered a summer day at the beach when I sat and watched a sandpiper.  Running up and down with the lapping waves. Back and forth. And I wrote her a letter back. And I watched videos of sandpipers Sandpipers video.

So, if your pen goes dry or you get stuck, watch the birds.  Paint birds. Look at birds, think of something beautiful. And your pen will wake up– because the beauty of the natural world can not stop your mind from thinking of joy and thankfulness. And then you can be reminded to tell all of the people with whom you work, happy new year, and thank you!

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Tuesday night- Facilities meeting at Lyndon Town School.  Please come and join in on the conversation. 

H622 An act relating to suspending the religious exemption to immunization: I have been asked to share with all folks that there are legislative actions concerning immunizations.  This act would empower the VT Health Commissioner to “suspend” individual rights. Vermont Religious Exemptions– link

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  • 6-8 Girls         Coach: Bruce Bunnel
  • 6-8 Boys        Coach: Allison Barney