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Kingdom East School District Dispatch – September 13, 2019

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I was recently in a primary classroom engaged in word study.  As a group exercise, students were looking at their peers written names and finding shorter words within the names.   For instance Andrew had “and,” Hannah had “an.”  As the teacher asked the class to consider, one energetic boy looked, leaned forward and then leapt up, enthusiastically adding,

“Well, Brooklyn has a country in her name!  It is a country!” 

The teacher gently smiled “Oh, yes that is a great connection!”  

At this point the teacher could have said that Brooklyn was actually not a country, rather a borough, one of five (Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island, Yonkers and Brookln) in New York City, and no, this is not a country. 

 However if she said that, then she would have to explain what a borough is (as opposed to a continent, country, county, village or town).  And THEN the entire conversation would have digressed down a rabbit hole. Calm as can be, she gently added,

“Brooklyn is part of a city, yes, and you made the connection between knowing this place and your friend’s name!” The young man smiled from ear to ear.

At this point she could have said, BUT, that is not what we are doing, we are looking for words inside words, not connections from names to places or other things we know. She did not do this,  she smiled and then continued on the quest to find words within words.  The little guy had a huge grin and continued to listen (and wiggle, as some little people tend to do!) and look at the list of names, trying to find words. 

This small moment made me think about a growth mindset.  This teacher did not say, OK, I’m going to have a growth mindset today.  Instead she stepped into his mind, she truly heard and understood what he was thinking, recognized, supported and grew his knowledge.

This is why I love visiting classrooms.  I get to see teachers taking little people’s minds and growing them forward!  Thank you to everyone for welcoming me into your classrooms! And for such great learning.

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